Stand Up, Speak Out!

This was a filmmaking project by Figment Arts and Hollingdean Youth Forum, working with young people aged between 14 and 18.

Over the course of the project the young people came up with the ideas for the film, wrote the script, created a storyboard, organised themselves into a cast and crew, then shot and edited the film. They were supported by Claire Griffiths, David Parker, Abigail Horn and David Richards from Figment Arts.

Quotes from participants:

This is a fab new experience for me I’ve always wanted to do a little film and this is my chance to do it. I have a very strong team and they have come up with some very good ideas. I have made some great friends here who I will never forget! My favourite filming was in the park where everybody was very good and respectful! I can not believe it’s the last week its gone so fast! I really loved doing the music that was so much fun! I have learned to use the cameras more properly. My new friends are Anthony and Ashley. From Kieran xxxx

I have had fun making the film I have made new friends it has built my confidence i hope I can do something like this again I learned how to use the camera more and how to act.